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The Interpersonal Skills course is suitable for anyone wishing to enhance their personal or professional interpersonal interactions in any setting or role.  It provides essential foundational skills to underpin and refresh knowledge gained in other counselling or interpersonal skills education.

Past students include HR managers, Supervisors, Managers, health care workers, psychologists, doctors, counselors and those who wish to improve their communication for personal reasons.

You will learn practical communication strategies that are useful for your everyday communication with family and friends as well valuable reflection skills to improve your personal self-awareness.

Key Learning:
  • Effective communication strategies, for work and home

    • Active listening
    • Effective questioning

    • Congruence

    • Self-disclosure

  • Barriers to effective communication

  • How personal beliefs and values influence communication

  • Developing a reflective practise

The course is delivered wholly online with opportunities to write about and reflect on the material as you learn as well as completing skills assessments and receive immediate feedback.

On completion you can print your own certificate of participation. Enrolment gives you three months access to the course. 

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